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Ten years...

It's been ten years since I started doing filks with my first partner, Bill Mullis. I worked with Bill for a little over seven years. In 1997, I moved to Roanoke and started working with Jerry Conner.

The last two and a half years have been the most productive in the history of White Plectrum. Eight albums in those two and an half years. Doing songs that I have done for years with filk lyrics provided by myself, Jerry Conner, Michael O'Brien, David Corcoran, Barb Fischer, Rhaps and Shrewlet, the Rising Star Filk Collectives, the Technicon Filk Collectives, and the Yeager Filk Collectives, has opened up a whole new collection of music to perform. Conventions like Rising Star, Technicon, Yeagercon, Sci-Con, MarsCon, Patriot Games, and Invisifest have given me a chance to play for more people than I ever thought I would. And at the same time, I've met some wonderful people - Caprizzio (Laura and Stephanie), Dwight Gibbs, Barb Fischer, and others too numerous to mention!

A pensive plectrum man
Keith Brinegar

White Plectrum is just a guy named Keith playing and singing and having fun. But at the same time, it's more than just that as well. It's something that involves a group of people backing me up and helping me give the best show possible for the fans. (Geez, I actually have fans?) What you don't see is Rain O'Brien plugging WP to anyone who will listen, and pushing our CDs to the faithful. It's Michael sitting behind the sound board at the con and the keyboard at the web site, making sure that we look and sound as good as we can. There's Rhaps and Shrewlet making sure that the equipment is "in the house" when it needs to be there, and now our newest plec-head, Matt, helping haul equipment and learning the ropes. And most important, it's our fans, providing their own personal input to the performances, just when it's needed (YAY GOO!!!)

As an e-mail signature written by Jerry says, "We are Plectrum of Borg. You will be assimilated. Your musical distinctiveness will be added to our own. Seriousness is futile."

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