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A Short List of Sites Known To Us

    Our Friends

  • Women of Whimsey - Known for their perfomances of bawdy folk songs spanning hundreds of years of history and fantasy, this group (sometimes referred to as "Caprizzio") is composed of the lovely Laura and the stunning Stephanie (mistress of the Skill Crane).

  • JustAGirl - Homepage of Faith, the Bodacious CD babe for Caprizzio. A place for Kitsch, Animation, and the Lindy Hop.

  • Holly Lisle - Not only did Holly give us the infamous "The Lovable Lament of the Dragon and the Lady", but she is also one of the finest science-fiction and fantasy writers we know. If you haven't read any of her books, you should have - SHAME ON YOU!!

  • Maggie Egan -Famous as Babylon Five's ISN news anchor, Maggie is also gaining fame for her vocal prowess. Her first album, "out of This World", is a fan favorite and available through her web site.

  • Julie Cailtlin Brown - Na'Toth rocks! Julie's another B5 veteran with a fine singing voice. Her CD can be found at her website, as well.

  • Mikhail Borg (Michael O'Brien) - A lame, poorly updated mishmash of links involving his local Starfleet chapter, movie projects he's participated in, and the Macintosh computer game "Marathon." Let's face it, this site sucks. No, really. What? Yes, I took my antidepressants today. Go away.

  • Rain's Homepage - coming soon, the site for White Plectrum's very own Bodacious CD Babe!

  • Kenderkim's Web Page - Mistress of the Backrub, Sith Apprentice, and Founding Pleckhead. Yea, verily, Eris is known to this woman...

  • Ed Philibin's Contractual Obligations Web Site - Button Man, riding to save the day with his collection of custom pin-back buttons. We recommend care in the use of the Tactical Nuclear Weapon button.

  • Chris Impink - Filk-writer, computer artist, and generally demented soul; anyone can see why we'd hang with him.

  • Barb Fischer - A woman who knows how to feed the mind and the body, with a spread of yummy munchies in a con suite, or an on-target, hilarious filk. Wait; did I get those in the right order?

    Organizations and Conventions

  • USS Collins - Roanoke, Virginia's new Starfleet chapter! This is a place not only for Trekkers, but science-fiction and fantasy fans of all stripes.

  • USS Yeager - The Starfleet chapter based in Bluefield, West Virginia. More good folks!

  • VTSFFC Here's the site for the Science Fiction and Fantasy Club at Virginia Tech; don't judge them just 'cause they can't get their initials in order. While this organization is separate from Collins and Yeager, they share many members and interests.

  • MarsCon - A nice little relax-a-con in Williamsburg in Januaries; also a hotbed of White Plectrum fandom.

  • Technicon - Spring's Blacksburg convention, organized primarily by VTSFFC members.

  • Patriot Games - You can find this con in Fredericksburg, VA in mid-July; it's a con that caters to gamers, whether live-action, board, pencil-and-paper, or card-variety.

  • Rising Star - White Plectrum's hometown convention, held in the Roanoke Valley in the fall.

  • Galtham Films - Amateur film organization spread over much of Virginia; many of our friends are affiliated with this group.

    Online Comics We Like

  • Sabrina Online - The adventures of a humanoid skunk who uses her Amiga computer to design Web sites freelance. 4 new comic strips released near the end of every month.

  • Sluggy Freelance - A daily comic strip about ex-college students who get involved with dimensional gates, time travel, man-eating alien secretaries, and a homicidal bunny rabbit. Must be experienced to be understood.

  • User Friendly - a very geek-oriented strip about "the friendliest, hardest-working and most neurotic little Internet Service Provider in the world." If you know the difference between OS/2 and Unix, and more importantly, you care, then this strip is for you.

    Legends In Our Time

  • "Weird Al" Yankovic - An inspiration to filkers everywhere, this is the man whose name we invoke while trying to explain what we do. His filks and parody songs are legendary.