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"Thoughts of Psi-Corps" (4 megs)

"Coward of the Klingons" (4.1 megs)

"The Dragon & the Lady" (3 megs)

"Chairman Vond" (3.5 megs)

"The Clip of the Great War of Magellan" by Keith Brinegar and Richard Hatch (3.8 megs)

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Images from Rising Star, courtesy Ron Jarrell

pic pic
Sound check. Yup, it's sound all right. Plectrum man soothes the savage audience.
pic pic
Hah. I'm safe until he's done. Local fans, with enough light to see them enjoying the show.
pic pic
Man in Gray doffs disguise to be revealed as Jerry Conner, who mans the Plectrum Panel. Adoring PleckHeads have followed the tour cross-country.